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None but You, my Lord, only You

I do call, cry out, searching, hoping for answers

My prayers are deep and understood

But not by any of them, they are understood by You

Only You.     


My Lord, my beloved Lord, forgive me, please do,

Forgive them, we are but simple sinners,

Sent to worship and believe, but indeed corrupted

Our souls darkened by our ugly sins

Cutting and scarring further into our hearts and minds


Our blackened hearts are too cold to be melted

Too hard to be broken, and maligned are we

But defenceless, for indeed we have lost the right

To be defended, by the greatest defence

How so for us now our Lord, beloved Lord?


Indeed in the blackness there is always a light

After every hardship there is always ease

I do not see it now, but will we soon be free from our oppression?

Will our diseases be cured so we may be once again purified and forgiven?


I beg of you my dear, dear Lord

For answers to my broken heart

There is no hope but you, only You my beloved Lord

Please, I do beg, to be freed from

The disease of my blackened heart.


© Quratul Ayn 2009



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The Shadow of Worth

Its head looms bigger than mine over me, threatening almost, to swallow me?

And it’s shoulders are somewhat distorted

They stand at odd corners and…no, no, they really don’t do justice to the body.


The arms, well they’re sort of hanging,

large and looming, like they’re going to grab me.

But nonetheless, they are surely stronger than mine…at least that is how they look.


The hands are a tad bigger

Perhaps more so than the shoulders, or is that just beyond common sense?

No, they appear almost the same…I’m sure.


The body isn’t that much larger, though its position almost makes it appear…

Well, bigger? More robust? Powerful?

Umm…I think it’s just a lot more full…eager to feel it’s worth.


Comparatively I suppose, I suppose I’m much smaller.

Height, life, worth…but then I wonder

Why does it not have features, like mine…what of its eyes, ears and mouth?

Does it have any sense?

Taste, smell, touch, sight or sound?


And as I move, I see, suddenly…

like a rock bounded back to earth, a comet through the universe

I feel, with certainty,

My shadow has no worth

Just as little as my ego


Because while I am a perfect creation of my Lord swt

My ego is only a creation of my insignificant self.


© Quratul Ayn 2008-04-08

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A Priceless Sensation

Your gentle movements…



My quiet sighs

The hunger pangs

Between you and I.


Your unpredictable kick…


My cravings begin

What a wonderful feeling

Growing deep within.


Your visible growth…

My sleepless nights

My love for you

No words can describe. 


Your beautiful image…

The joy that I feel

A priceless Sensation

Unbelievably real.


My indescribable pain…

Your immediate cry

I hold you in my arms

And wipe tears from my eyes.


My tiny precious

A gift from above…

An irreplaceable sensation

A token of love.

©Aug 08 Umm Thameenah


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“Having Tasted Sorrow”

“When the short winter nights seemed unbearable

And the long summer days bore anguished tears.

When I questioned my existence amongst others

And my ignorance had converted into fears. 

Merely glancing others’ happiness felt intolerable

My heart filled with immense internal pain.

For it knew too well the rhythm of agony

Having pounded with the beating of the rain …


But a niche in my heart remained ignited

For my Lord had been watching me from Above. 

All-Aware and All-Seeing of my sufferings

It was then that I experienced my true love.

Such benevolence had He bestowed upon me

I now knew what it meant to be ‘floating ashore’.


. . . So how could I ever have understood the essence of joy?

Without having tasted sorrow long before?”


©Aug 2007 Umm Thameenah


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Everyday is a day of magnificence, journeying towards our Lord.

And as we near towards the reality of existence, the inevitable is left unsought.

Truly we are strangers travelling, pacing blindly towards the unknown.

So take provisions and hold onto them tightly, as our destination are soon to be shown.

©Umm Thameenah 2007

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In the middle of the night you fill a moment, a precious moment from my moments of time.

And though I awake from seeing you in ‘reality’, you remain distant from the realms of my life.

As our return to one another remains unknown, I continue to miss a sacred piece of my heart.

So in the middle of your night allow me a moment… a precious moment from your moments of time.


 © Umm Thameenah 2007

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