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Salaam and welcome to this week’s reminder … the first in the blessed month of Ramadhan. We pray these reminders will be one of the many treasures you will gather over the next few weeks, insha’Allah.

As Ramadhan slowly graced us with its arrival, many of us may have felt somewhat overwhelmed by it’s embrace and though true for some of us, let us ponder over our actions leading to it. How many of you set ‘Ramadhan targets’ or ‘Ramadhan ‘ibaadah timetables’ ? And how many of you prepared for this blessed month mentally, physically and spiritually months before its blessed arrival?

The month of Ramadhan is a time for general and specific reflections; deep contemplation; soul-training and life changes. Yet many of us enter into the month sure of the fact that ‘we want to change’ ‘but have we’ve actually sat down to think and plan through ‘the changes’ we desperately want to make. How ironic: we know the blessings that this month brings with it each year – every year, but we haven’t quite realised  its profound signifcance. You see knowledge and realisation are two very differnt concepts, often harboured one without the other. But the servant of Allah (Swt) that acquires the knowledge and then strives to put that acquisition to work, gains a jewel for life: undersatnding.

How many of us believe in Allah (Swt) but haven’t truly understood Who Allah (Swt) is (His Names and Attributes)?  And‘how many of us know the treasures that Ramadhan brings, but have failed to realise and thus understand its true  beauty? Take the opportunity this blessed month to go a step further: dont’ merely stop at the road of knowledge, be amongst the oft-spoken of seravnts of Allah (Swt): ‘Men who reflect; men who contemplate and men of understanding’. For truly it is they that gather the best fruits in this blessed month, for they do not merely walk through the blissful orchard and gaze at the beautifully lucious fruits, contenting themselves with the vision of them  – no – rather they stop to relfect; take heed; realise; understand and thus implement the treasures that they have gathered from the trees in the garden of Ramadhan.

Dear readers, do not merely be spectators, for your orchard is filled with treasures – jewels waiting to be plucked, for a fruit left untouched can never again be attained. So may Allah (Swt) enable us to be amongst the most fortunate of servants:those that pluck only the best from His (Swt) Orchard of Jewels … ameen.


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