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Salaam and welcome, to this week’s reminder …

By the grace of our Magnificent Lord (Swt), we’re back after three long weeks, with our next reminder to get you contemplating, insha’Allah. Alhamdulillah, our last reminder touched upon the topic of baa’ithun qawi – an inspirational urge’. This week, dear readers, we have continued on the topic of ‘A Gift from Allah (Swt)’, to shed what we hope will be a source of benefit to you all, insha’Allah.

 A beauty of our deen is as such: everything we are honoured to see, hear, read, write and discuss, are gifts from Allah (Swt). However, there are particular aspects of our religion that shine as examples from others. To be able to turn to our Lord (Swt) Who never turns away from us – except when we ourselves turn away; Who receives us time and time again; our Supporter and Protector; from all of the bounties we taste, day in and day out, will we ever be able to repay Him (Swt) back? Though we know the answer to this question is no, there is a gift with which we have been blessed, one like none other, which enables a connection to our Beloved (Swt) … every single day of our lives. What can this gift possibly be? I sense you asking. It is the first station of the wayfarer – a yearning to approach Allah (Swt).

Tawbah:Repentance – when did you last perform it?

If we had a debt to repay, how would we view it? Would we strive as much as we could to repay it? Seek all necessary means to clear our slate? So what then of a very important debt that we have to Allah (Swt)? Every time we commit a wrong action without seeking forgiveness, how do we feel? Do we convince ourselves that Allah (Swt) is AlGhafoor ArRaheem (The All-Forgiving, The Most Merciful)? Do we delay rectifying it, in the hope that it’ll, somehow, sort itself out? But what if I told you that there is an action that is effortless and yet so weighty, simple and yet so profound, what would you say? Dear readers, the depletion and complete clearance of our debts to Allah (Swt) are just an action away of being forgiven, insha’Allah..

Tawbah is a gift that Allah (Swt) bestows upon whom He Wills. The literal meaning is “to turn back“, thus one does not merely ask Allah (Swt) for forgiveness – for such an action is known as istighfar– “seeking forgiveness“, rather one begins a new phase of their life, having turned to their Lord with every essence of their heart. 

When we make tawbah, we make a strong resolve never to return back, intentionally, to our sinful or ignorant ways. It is as though we are asking Allah (Swt) to take us forward, to never turn away from us and to guide us upon what is right. When one performs the beautiful action of tawbah, something very significant takes place, both spiritually and physically; not only do you feel a sense of release, as though a heavy load has been lifted from your shoulders, but you feel as though Allah (Swt) is with you, and that dear readers, is a blessing within itself.

It is an agreed upon opnion that repentance is an obligation for each sin. If the sin is between a servant and their Lord then there are three conditions: ‘Desist, Remorse and Resolve’:

Firstly, desisting from the sin.

Secondly, being remorseful for doing it.

Thirdly, resolving never to repeat it again.

If any of these conditions is missed, repentance will not be correct”.

Along with this Imam an-Nawawi (rh) states a fourth condition, depending on whether the sin involved the right of another:

“Redressing the right of the one who has been wronged. If it entails [falsely] accusing a person of adultery or its like, one must give himself up to him or else ask him to forgive it. If it involved backbiting, then one must have him pardon it.” [Riyad as-Saalihin]

This is crucial for us to remember, as our ‘turning back’ to Allah (Swt) is our way forward, an acknowledgement that we have fallen short and need to return, once again, to our source of tranquility. Not only are we settling our debt with Allah (Swt),we are also uprooting ourselves from disobedience, insha’Allah. For such a blessed gift is a door leading to the station of ‘mahbubiyyah’:being loved by Allah (Swt). And I ask: which of us are not in need of His (Swt) Divine Love?

“Indeed Allah loves those that turn to Him in repentance.” [2:222]

So dear readers,  ask yourselves this: ‘When did you last make tawbah?’ and more importantly, ‘Are you ready to turn back to your Lord (Swt), now that you know you should?’

Do not delay in telling Allah (Swt) you love Him, nor delay in feeling remorse for your sins. For your heart is yearning to approach your Lord (Swt), thus take heed and enable your realisation to penetrate your soul and know … that this gift is one truly from you Lord Alone (Swt).


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